crisp fall day 2003

Giggles, Sing-Alongs, and Lullabies

Last night my grandson Michael wasn't able to fall asleep very easily. He crawled up on to my lap. I starte singing some silly songs, which made him giggle. Then I sang some songs he knows real well and he tried to sing along. He started to get tired, so he settled into a cuddle and I sang him to sleep with several lullabies. His mama carried him up to his room and put him to bed. It was a late night for him, but he went to sleep with a smile. As did I.
crisp fall day 2003

Two Bee, Oar Knot Too Be

Hello all, Meesa back. FB has become a den of back stabbing, "I'm better than you!', "you're not like me, therefor you're scum", hypocritical, self-centered type of people, for the most part. I still have friends and family there, so I'm not going to remove myself totally from it. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to have their opinion, but if I don't agree with their opinion, I have become the problem. sigh... Public discorse is something in the past. Trying to discuss anything on FB is like walking into an alley in the middle of the night, wearing every day type of clothing. No matter what, odds are, you're probably not coming out of the alley unscathed. Please note, I'm not saying I'm perfect, nor do I profess to be anywhere near perfection.

So I'm limiting my conversations on FB to private chats. I may go back to IRC for group discussions, will depend on how well I'm received when I reenter the chat rooms I used to frequent.

Suffice to say, I'm here, and will be spending more time here, instead of spending time on FB.

Photogrphy will be starting back up again. I may be limited to still life, like fruit and flowers, or maybe just reworking old photos from years ago. But my goal is to get back out there and start doing real current photography, once again. :-)

Another one of my awesome friends just got married recently. The wedding was wonderful, the reception was going well, until they cut the cake... severe thunderstorm hit. Did I mention this was an outdoor wedding? The 30 to 40 mph winds blew torrential rain under the large tent, eventually blowing the power on the lights and the DJ's equipment. We could hear trees snapping, as well as large branshes crashing to the ground right behind us. I shielded my daughter-in-law and grandson as best I could. We were getting soaked. Then just as we thought the tent was about to be blown away, from out of the darkness the groom shouted at the top of his lungs, "TORNADO WARNING! Everyone into the house!!!!!" We all ran for the house. Problem was, I am not able to walk very far, so running for me at best was limited to several feet at a time. I was walking as fast as I could. Other's around me were running past, leaving me behind. I thought maybe I should run, but thought against it. My legs just couldn't take it. Then the sudden flash of lightning and extremely loud crack of thunder directly above me, changed my mind. I tried to hoof it as fast as I could. I got inside and was lucky enough to look like I needed to sit down. Other guest pointed me to a chair and asked if I was going to be ok. I rested for a while. People decided to try and leave in their cars, but the storm had blown a large tree down over the long driveway that led back onto the plantation. At least six other trees had been blown over behind the house.

Some of the guest went out with chainsawa, during the storm, and removed the tree from the driveway. As people were attempting to leave, they ended up coming back. The main roads were being blocked by firetrucks. More downed trees on the main roads, held us hostage for a while longer. We were finally given the all clear to try and head home. The storm had calmed, but another one was on the way. So we jumped in the cars and headed out. With my amazing daughter-in-law behind the wheel, she swerved to miss the down trees and branches that had not been cleared yet, as well as the flooded areas of roadway. We made it home safe. My son Joey was at home with the dogs. He said the storm wasn't bad at all where we live. After all that happened, we still remember that night with happiness and fond memories of our dear friends wedding.

There is so much more to put on here. I'll save it for another day. Losing my mother two months ago, is still hitting me hard, as well as losing my step-brother a little over two weeks ago, and a good friend just two days ago, has made life very difficult to deal with lately.  Take care everyone, see you soon. HUGS
crisp fall day 2003

Ow, Ow, Ow!!!!

The other day, I was just sitting in my recliner and my son came over to get something from the middle section of the dual recliner couch, where I sit. He accidentally rammed his toes into mine. Problem is, for some reason my toe decided it wanted to have the ability to bend sideways between joints. Yep, it's broke. :-(

Been taking pain meds and I have my toe in a splint. Pain meds aren't helping really. :-(  At least it didn't swell up. Trying to work on my novel while in pain isn't working out too well. Then again, working on my novel while under heavier meds might not work out so well either. :-)

I have fallen behind on my word count. I'll try to make it in the next few days. It's a tough novel this time. Not about squirrels, but about natural disasters along with people being, shall we say, on the wrong side of the law, which causes a great deal of problems. For some reason, I've already killed off several people. This is very strange for me. I don't even kill off characters when playing role playing games. A whole new world of writing for me now. Not sure how to finish this novel on a good note, but I'll try.

Hope everyone has a great day. :-)
crisp fall day 2003

Missing My Dad

My oldest son called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. We all got a chance to talk to him, and also wish him wonderful birthday greetings. He turned 75 yesterday. I was able to talk with him, and just chat about what's been happening. He's doing well, puttering around in his shop. He told me about all the herb plants he's growing in his shop, says he'll plant them outside once the weather clears in the Spring. Right now, it's snowing where he lives in Oregon.

I live 3,000 miles away, on the Mid-Atlantic coast. Haven't been back to see him in quite a few years. Spent a long time taking care of Robin, then just didn't have the money to travel, still don't have the money. So the closests I can come to spending time with him, is on the phone. He's an amazing man. Wish I could see him again. Life is too short for just phone calls. Hoping for one day, being able to visit him and my step-mom. Since my mother is out that way, and my sister, I should go see them as well. :-)
crisp fall day 2003

Update on Veteran's Day 2014

It's been a few months, but I've decided to put more effort into spending time on LJ instead of FB. I still have a lot of friends and family on FB, so I will continue perusing my news feed there.

My grandson is growing taller just about everyday. He now hums Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, all on his own. He's strong, very intelligent, and loves spending time playing with family members. The other day, he climbed up and cuddled me in my recliner. I pulled a blanket up and sang to him. He fell asleep cuddling. I held him for over an hour and a half. He's truly an angel when he's sleeping. Well, when he's awake too. :-)

I decided to relearn Blender. The new Blender program is awesome. So as I create new characters and new 3D worlds, I'll post photos of my work. Next project, another 3D house, a practical one I'd love to live in.

I also decided to write a novel for this years NaNoWriMo. No squirrels this time. My novel title this year, "Water". It's a suspense/thriller/disaster story. I'm loving what I've written already, only it's taking a lot out of me as I write it. I seem to have difficulty in keeping it serious. Too many times now, I've written something very comical in the story. I go back and pull out some of the comical parts, not all, just some.

Times are tough right now. Money coming in, isn't matching money going out. Slowly moving towards a budget crisis. Hopefully we should be able to have it under control after the first of the year. Which of course, means a lean Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will have a tree with lights and decorations, maybe a few outside lights, but as far as presents go, mostly for the little guy. I don't receive much for Christmas anyway, haven't for quite some time now. Oh well.

I'm working towards being able to be back in my room again. Right now, it's being used for storage of family keepsakes ( another death in the family :-( ), until we all can get around to reboxing them for more permanent storage. Once that's done, I'm moving back into my room. I like having my own room. Sleeping on the bed will be difficult, but I want to try again. Right now, I sleep in my recliner. If the bed is way too uncomfortable, I may request a recliner for my room.

Hope everyone is doing well, miss you all. HUGS

I'm Back

It has been a very long time, but I'm back on LJ. I will be trying to get the rest of my friends and family to work their way back over here from other online social media sites.

I will be making a more detailed post soon. But for now, this is just to let you know, I'm back, and I have missed you all very much.
crisp fall day 2003

Life is being lived!

A year and a half since my last update!!! hmm... maybe I should consider updating just a tad more often. LOL

Well, as far as my life has been going...

The lady I was engaged to, ended up having a baby from another man. Pretty much she lied and cheated on me. So in the end, I broke up with her back in April 2011. Not dating anyone now, nor do I have plans to do so anytime soon.

Photography business is doing well. We have amazing photos and I work with some of the best talented models and photographers anywhere. and

Joey is in his last year of high school. Chris should be receiving his Bachelor's in Accounting from VCU later this year.

And now for some of the best news... Chris and his beautiful girlfriend Deanna, were married last year and had a baby boy on February 2nd, 2012. That's right... I'M A GRANDPA!!! He's an amazing baby, blond hair, blue eyes, and an awesome smile. Chris and Deanna are amazing parents. To make things even more heart warming... they named him after me. Michael Christopher Hilp. 6lbs 7oz, and 19.5 inches tall. I'm a very proud Grandpa.

Hope to hear from all of you on here at some point, Facebook has taken so many away from LJ, but I'm sure there are some of you still on here. HUGS to all of you.
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Where Has The Time Gone?

I believe my last entry was back in April. A lot has happened since. To sum it all up, I'm still with my beautiful lady and always will be / the boys are doing well in school / my photography business is doing great / we're still waiting on corporate paperwork to come back from the government / I am moving this week / and I'm working on my fourth Evil Squirrel Empire novel.

Miss you all, will be in here a little more often, I hope.

My newest photography adventure:
Actress/Model Courtney Rey
(she is amazing, I love photographing her)

Enjoy your day!

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Current Uploaded Photography On My Flickr Site

I realize not everyone on LJ uses Facebook, so I thought I'd bring my LJ friends up to date on my photography. I'm trying to get back into doing more of it. Portraits are my next subject to tackle. I don't have too many of them at the moment.

I do, however, have 125 squirrel photos on my Flickr site. For those who enjoy seeing the furry little critters, please take the time to go check them out.


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